Cleaning the water faucets

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Cleaning the water faucets

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Use an old toothbrush to scrub tough areas of the toast heater and clean them in no time.
Cleaning the water faucets:
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Use ready-made wax paper to remove the accumulated rust on the faucets.
Cleaning the soleplate:
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In the event that rust hits the base of your iron, use salt to clean it only. All you have to do is "spray" a quantity of salt and then start the iron with set it to the highest degree and pass it over it, you will find that the rust is completely removed.
Polishing tableware:
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Restore the shine of forks and spoons by putting a little chalk inside a roll of gauze, clean these tools well, then rinse them with water.
Cleaning oil or grease stains from clothes:
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Use chalk to remove oil stains from clothes, just rub the stain with a piece of chalk, then clean the cat of clothes well.
Burnt pots:
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You will not find it difficult anymore with dirty food containers that are difficult to clean. Just put an amount of salt in the bowl and leave it for some time, then clean the bowl in the usual way.
Carpet stain removal:
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Place a piece of cloth moistened with water on the stain, then place the iron on it after setting it to the highest steam position.
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Use lemon slices to clean your gutters, just leave them for a while and then clean them the usual way.
Home Fragrance:
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Add a little vanilla extract concentrate in the cooking pot and leave it where you want to aromatize.

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Re: Cleaning the water faucets

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